The tipping point of user engagement – Gamifying the Pokemon Way

These days you can find people glued to their smartphone commuting long distances just to find a creature and catch it, well the creature could be a dinosaur, a snake, or any other for that matter. Does this sound insane? Then switch from the mode of imagination to reality, I am discussing about Pokémon, a child hood fantasy game that has created a sudden buzz as “Pokémon Go” from nowhere.
Now the question arises, what made this “Pokémon go “to create so much hype? What exactly, it contains that is attracting people around the globe? Well, the answer is Augmented Reality the technology that allows the virtual components (graphics, videos) to blend with real world to enhance the interactive experience of the user between virtual and real world.
Augmented reality, powered app or game has enabled user to visualize and connect virtual objects with real world in real time. Moreover augmented reality is gaining its importance, as its application is spread across fields like sports, retail and gaming industry. As this technology allows the user to visualize virtual world along with real world by superimposing virtual components on real world.
With Augmented headsets(Augmented reality powered device)  the viewer experience will be more interactive than just watching a sport on TV, sports associations namely NBA and NFL with the urge to provide viewing experience like never before to its viewers, has started to inculcate augmented reality as part of their broadcasting techniques.
The online shopping/ ecommerce has revolutionized the retail industry, this sales channel has benefited the businesses to increase their profitability. Even though the online shopping has been beneficial for businesses, there are certain pitfalls that has affected the shopping experience and buying decisions of customers.
Those are uncertainty of the customer, low confidence over products purchased , as online shopping is more a guessing game were shopper has to imagine and predict  that product is capable enough to meet his/her requirements, and arrive at a buying decision based on images displayed in ecommerce websites. 
These concerns of consumers over their online shopping experiences, has created a need for ecommerce companies to enhance online shopping experience with an augmented reality powered platform that enables the online shoppers to have interactive shopping experience, which leverages to have the virtual feel of product and assist shoppers to decide whether the product is best fit for his/her life.
However Augmented Reality technology tend to gain more significance in the days to come. As the demand for the AR technology is rising in ecommerce industry, Along with this gaming, entertainment and healthcare industries are also fuelling the growth of as the demand for AR technology powered apps, games and devices is growing gradually in the above mentioned industries.
Some interesting Stats on Pokemon Go (Within 2 weeks of the Lauch)
Pokemon Go has helped people burn 3.74 billion calories
Pokemon Go has saved 78,343 small businesses from bankruptcy
Pokemon Go has resulted in 683 marriages
A lure in Pokemon Go is 6x as effective as a Google ad for small businesses
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