Mobile Device Management Crafted To Fly High by Continuous Progression in Its Features

With the proliferation of devices like Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets, the Enterprise companies have started to realize that they could be productive and cost effective only by adopting these devices for organizational purpose. But they also well understand about strict guidelines and strong set of policies need to be put in place to reap its benefits or else could go the other way round. Hence the concept of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) came into light in 2009, which introduced policy measures for those who use their personal devices for work.

But, was this the adequate solution? A large section of the crowd won’t agree with this. Most of the organizations wavered to adopt BYOD because of the security reasons and they were right. All those companies who adopted BYOD; started facing problems like data breach, difficulty in managing and keep tracing devices, along with ownership of device with phone number, etc. Organization need a complete protocol for this and comprehend that they should educate employee regarding these policies.

The Birth of Mobile Device Management

With the adoption of BYOD, Enterprises needed the solution which can easily manage and control devices at ease without compromising on security. This should put a ceiling on Data Breach and can easily erase the data from the stolen device. Hence, the need for Mobile Device Management was realized which eventually fulfilled the objective of enterprises and thereby reduced the workload of their IT teams.

By controlling and protecting data, today Mobile Device Management has become a grade for Enterprises to be more competitive. This reflects on the high adoption rate, as a good number of large companies have started implementing the solution. In a recent trend it has been observed that mid-market and SMBs have shown interest in accepting MDM thereby offering market potential for service providers.

Growth of Mobile Device Management

With the passage of time, Mobile Device Management has been crafted with innovative features, like GeoFencing and remote lock/wipe to bring the best of the latest technologies. Companies have made it clear that employees need to separate their personal information from sensitive corporate data to avoid security issues. They have started to restrict employees from accessing unwanted applications at work places. These advanced features help companies keep a track of the employee activities, be it the corporate ecosystem or at remote and hostile environment.

Currently, the market for MDM is fueled by its ability to provide solution for multiple platforms. Nowadays, with the variety of Smartphones available in market and with different Operating System like iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry, it has become necessary for MDM providers to offer solution catering to the unique needs of the respective platforms. According to a research by ResearchFox Consulting on Global Mobile Device Management Market, Android has the highest growth rate and currently iOS has the highest market share for Mobile Device Management solution. Also, it has been concluded that the demand for cloud based MDM is on a rise.

 Future of Mobile Device Management

As the market for Mobile Device Management is stepping up in the regions like Europe and APAC, the demand for more customized solution is budding among Enterprises. The demand is increasing for the comprehensive solution which includes Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Mobile Content Management (MCM). The combination of these solutions has given rise to the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). The majority of companies who were earlier pure MDM players are now moving towards providing the complete package as EMM solution.

Apart from that, the market has observed several Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) and is expected to grow further in the near future. Big players in the market have scrutinized the potential and are now showing interest in providing this solution by acquiring start-ups and smaller MDM firms.

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