Managing Enterprise Security through Mobile Device Management

Over the years there has been tremendous growth in the usage of Mobile and Smart phone devices, which has led to concepts like BYOD, COPE. With these advanced concepts, corporate allow their employees to access information from any location and help them with more flexible work structure.

With more usage and advancements there was a need of providing security and flexibility to these new concepts, which waived the introduction of MDM based Solutions that can provide data security with features like device management and application management. New features in MDM also provide time saving and cost savings benefits to the user. MDM usage has grown over the years and expected to grow in coming years with more adoption from Large and Middle size organizations.

Segmentation in Mobile Device Management Market:

The MDM Market is segmented on the basis of Solutions, Geographies, Verticals, Deployment mode, Company Size and Platforms. The market by Solutions is further split into Applications, Device, Security and Network. The market by deployment model is also split into Cloud based MDM, On-Premise and Managed services. The market, by platforms is divided into iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and others. The market, by verticals is divided into BFSI, Healthcare, Retail, Government, and others. The market, by geography is classified in the U.S.A, EMEA and APAC.

Drivers and Forecast

The main purpose of having an MDM solution is to manage software, policies, device, and security across smart phones and tablets. Growing security concern, Consumerization of IT and growing usage of Smartphones are the some of the drivers for MDM.

The MDM market is poised to grow because of some key drivers like Security, Innovation, Application management and growing use of BYOD. The worldwide market for MDM is evaluated at an estimate of      $ 1.3 Billion at 2014 and is expected to reach $ 3.3 Billion at 2018 at a CAGR of 26.6%. Development would be driven by Cloud based MDM solutions. There are expected growths in Security and Applications based Solutions, BFSI and HealthCare are among the top verticals consuming MDM.

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