Nithin Uttarkar

"Learn from anything and everything - Good or Bad". This has been essence of my life and this belief has given me opportunities to get a glimpse of different aspects of work life. The zeal to learn and gain knowledge has given me an opportunity to work in Research Industry where everyday is filled with curiosity and the word "what next?" hovers around in your mind every minute and one gets an opportunity to learn new things everyday. Research activities that I'm involved requires to familiarize with new and emerging technologies, understand their marketing aspects and work on them

Its ‘App’ening Time for the Government

Author: Nithin Uttarkar
Imagine a scenario where a farmer sitting in a remote village of India getting a notification on when and where to sell his crop yield to obtain best price. This would soon be a reality if the penetration of smartphone grows beyond the urban population and reaches out to the remote villages of India. India stands third in terms of…
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